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Partner in Smiles

We are helping Women, Students and Institutions Worldwide to in their individual progress to help communities grow and make world a better and equal place.

Women Empowerment

GSSF is helping under privileged women worldwide to live life respectfully by providing them access to better homes, clean water, health and mobility. GSSF in association with partners globally in 14 countries is providing 2 Wheeler vehicle to deserving women by donating a major part of finance and helping them to own a 2 wheeler to help their families in business, work and education. With women in charge the gender roles have been reversed and strengthened. The initiative has brought as many as 3200 beneficiaries till May 2018 and this project is going strong with many donors joining hands with us and is being lauded by stake holders.

Digital Literacy

GSSF is donating computing devices such as laptops, desk tops and tablets to Institutions working with under privileged communities and students to strengthen Digital literacy because Students without the skills to use digital tools risk an inferior learning process at best, and being left behind at worst. Increasingly digital literacy is vital for learning and Employability.

Global Exposure Program

GSSF in association with major Fortune 500 companies runs a Global Exposure program for under privileged students. Where students from under privileged section of society are placed as trainees under On job training for 3-6 months where they are trained by world leaders under real work environment and during this period they are paid global standard stipend. The all expenses paid program is sponsored by GSSF.

Making the World
a Better and Equal Place

GSS Foundations is an organization guided by the GMD group and works with companies and organizations worldwide in organizing funds to help its various projects. Till now GSSF has donated 21300 Houses, 3200 2 Wheelers, Infrastructure in 79 institution by capacity building, donation of machines and tools and construction of classrooms and laboratories.